Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three guys. Two batches. One dog.

This past Saturday, I brewed not one, but two batches of beer with my homebrew pals, Eric and Scott, and Eric's new chocolate lab, Wallace. Wallace seemed more interested in his new rope toy than our brewing session, but his emotional support and unyielding companionship really carried the day.

We brewed an Oktoberfest lager (Eric's choice) and a Barleywine ale (mine). The Oktoberfest recipe, called "My First Marzen," came from this website. The Barleywine recipe came from Charlie Papazian's third book, Microbrewed Adventures. It was called "Old Lighthouse in the Fog Barleywine Ale." In honor of Wallace the dog, and in light of the fact that we had to substitute 50% of the ingredients in the Barleywine, I'm calling it "Wallace Fogbottom's Strong Ale."

For the first time ever, the Original Gravity of a beer brewed by yours truly came out on the button! The Barleywine was supposed to be 1.099 O.G., and we achieved 1.100. The Oktoberfest should have been 1.064 O.G., but we hit 1.043.

The Barleywine recipe Charlie presents in his book was based off of Anchor's Old Foghorn Barleywine. He did not know the actual recipe, so he guesstimated, and since we had to make partial hops and yeast substitutions, ours is a variation on a best guess, which puts it rather far afield. No matter, I am excited for the final product, which should come of age around the beginning of November - perfect timing to enjoy a Fogbottom in front of the fire on a cool, fall evening.

[insert name here] Oktoberfest (6 gallon recipe)
1.8 lbs German Vienna Malt
1.8 lbs German Dark Munich Malt
0.12 lbs Belgian Chocolate Malt
6.6 lbs Dry Light Malt Extract
1.2 oz Hallertau (pellets, 4.5% AA) - 60 min
(We only used 1.0 oz)
0.6 oz Hallertau (pellets, 4.5% AA) - 15 min
(We used 0.7 oz)
WYeast 2308 Munich Lager
O.G. 1.043

Wallace Fogbottom Strong Ale (4 gallon recipe)
8.8 lbs Light Dried Malt Extract
1.5 oz Northern Brewer Hops (pellets, 9.0% AA) - 120 min
(We used 1 oz Northern Brewer, and 0.3 oz Hallertau)
1.0 oz UK Wye Northdown hops (pellets, 7.0% AA) - 20 min
(We used Challenger (7% AA) hops)
1/4 tsp powdered Irish moss
(We used one tablet Irish moss)
English-type ale yeast - double dose
(We used one vial of English-type, and one packet of dry ale yeast)
O.G. 1.1oo

NOTE: Depending on fermentation activity, we may pitch additional yeast when we rack the Fogbottom to a secondary fermenter.

(I'll keep you posted!)


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